Attention: Men and women in their 20-30s who want to have the foods they LOVE while losing that 5-10 lbs of stubborn fat, and gaining lean and tone muscles at the same time!

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If you want to shred that last 5-10 pounds of stubborn fat without giving up your favourite foods, specifically if you want to:

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Let me explain to you why more than

70% people fail to reach their fitness goals…


They Don't Have A Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail! Without a structured training and nutrition plan that’s customized to your body type and guaranteed to get you results, you’ll be wasting hours at the gym and in the kitchen.

They Don't Invest Into themsevles

People who get results are willing to invest their time and money into their health and fitness. When you invest into yourself, you’re committed to making a change and taking action. There are countless free programs online but people fail to stick to them because they don’t have the accountability and commitment to continue.



Cookie Cutter Programs

Most of the training, nutrition programs and meal plans you find online are not customized to your needs, level of fitness, schedule and preferences. We will NEVER let this happen to our clients because we believe each client deserves to have a program that PERFECTLY matches what they need.

Lack Of Accountability

Most people are missing a community that can keep them accountable, give them encouragement and not be afraid to call them out when needed. I understand the importance of having a supportive community, and that’s exactly what we provide to all our clients. We built a positive and amazing community for our clients and once you are enrolled into the program, you are a part of the community FOR LIFE.


How the

LEAN RECOMP METHOD is going to be the last fitness program you will ever need to invest into:


Yes! I understand that this is a 16 week program, and I can continue working with the Project Aesthetic team on a monthly basis after 16 weeks.

Yes! I am coachable and willing to put in the work to finally get the results I deserve.

Yes! I will be honest with my teammates and my coaches because they will always be there to support me no matter what.

Yes! I understand that I need to make time for working out 3-6 times per week with 30-90 mins per session (gym/ home). The training plan will be customized to my schedule and needs.

Yes! I understand that in order to make the best transformation possible, I need to make time to attend group coaching calls and 1:1 coaching calls to get as much support as I can.

Yes! I understand the monthly investment is less than 2 one hour personal training sessions per week and I get more support and accountability on a daily basis from Project Aesthetic team and my teammates.

Yes! I understand my coaches and teammates have my best interest in mind and I will be able to reach my dream body with the amount of accountability and support I get.

Yes! I want to be a part of Project Aesthetic team and enroll into LEAN RECOMP METHOD. I understand this is an investment towards myself and not towards them. I am 100% ready NOW to invest into my health, fitness, future and create the best version of myself.


Online Health and Fitness Coach
ACE certified personal trainer
​BSc Health Science
Precision Nutrition PN1 certified
Specialized in macro and nutrition coaching
Instagram: @clara_laii

Clara Lai

Hi! My name is Clara! I am a certified personal trainer based in Vancouver, BC and an online health and fitness coach.

After trying every fad diet out there, the 1200 kcal diet, low carb high fat, high carb low fat, paleo, vegan… you name it, I know how it feels to feel super restricted with your diet and getting frustrated when you are not seeing results.

I know what it is like to spend all that time at the gym, trying to figure out nutrition but not seeing the results you want to see. I also understand how difficult it can be to try to fit in your gym sessions into your busy life. I wasted 3 years at the gym, not making progress because my busy life and my restricted diet were holding me back.

The truth is, I was never able to become successful until I got support and maybe you are realising the same thing. At the end of the day, what makes me different, is that I truly know where you are coming from.

I helped dozens of young, busy professionals to shred stubborn fat and gain toned muscles in only 12 weeks! It’s my passion to help people to feel confident and amazing in their skin without giving up their favourite foods.

Jason Devera

Hi, my name is Jason! and I know what it’s like to put your health on the “back burner” because you are so involved in your busy lifestyle.

I was born from a poor family in the Philippines, so health and fitness had been a difficult aspect of my life. I was underweight, skinny, small and weak. I felt that my health wasn’t a reflection of how I wanted to live my life. Every time I tried to make a change, something would come up and I would give up.

It stayed like this for a couple years, until I decided that enough is enough. I was tired of being weak and it was time for me to take control of my life again.

​I had an epiphany – if I want to be successful in all other areas of my life, I needed to transform my body. I realized that my body is my foundation and in order to achieve success, I needed to improve my health. At the end of the day, all you have is you.

Online Health and Fitness Coach
ACE certified personal trainer
Personal trainer in Vancouver BC, Canada
Specialized in strength training & weight lifting
Instagram: @jasondevera97